About Age of Discoveries

Young adulthood is a time of excitement, growth and discovery, when we explore our identity, our relationships with others, and our place in the world. And sometimes, we need help navigating life’s challenges.

Age of Discovery is an adventure therapy program. Currently our program is designed for young men between the ages of 18 and 28. Our holistic approach combines life coaching, individual and group therapy with experiential learning, to help students develop the skills and coping mechanisms they need to thrive on their voyage to and through adulthood.

Why Portugal?

From its majestic coastline and rugged mountain ranges to its world class cities and historic towns, Portugal has endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Our English-language program offers students from across the globe, a chance to gain a new perspective on life while exploring Portugal’s inspiring terrain and cultural uniqueness.

Why Age of Discoveries?

We named our program after the greatest period of human exploration, when Portuguese and other European explorers set sail for unknown and undiscovered territories. Like in adolescence and young adulthood, these explorers were headed into uncharted territory and along the way they made incredible discoveries but also made many mistakes. At Age of Discoveries, we work to inspire that same sense of adventure, grit, resilience and self-reflection in our participants.

We work with young adults ages 18-28 who struggle with:

Anxiety and mild depression
Some substance abuse
Social difficulties and self isolation
Family defiance and struggles
Internet, gaming or social media obsession
Lack of self-confidence
Lack of direction  and struggles in school
ADD/ADHD or Mild Spectrum Disorder
Slow Processing issues
Young adults looking for an adventure of a life-time, with the support of our amazing mentors!